Medical Practices and Services

1st Floor

Clarkston Medical Group, Suite 100

Providing pediatrics, family and internal medicine for 10,000 Clarkston area families every year.
Fax: 248-625-2622

Hart Medical Equipment, Suite 105
Offering a comprehensive selection of high-quality equipment and supplies--with special focus on respiratory, sleep, mobility, and women's health products--to help individuals maintain their health and independence.
Fax: 248-922-6855

McLaren Clarkston Diagnostic Imaging
McLaren MRI, Suite 110

State-of-the-art imaging services, including X-Ray, 64-slice CT scan, and board-certified specialists on staff.

McLaren Clarkston Laboratory, Suite 115
Accredited by the College of American Pathologists, McLaren Laboratory Services provides physicians and patients with accurate, timely and convenient diagnostic services.

McLaren Clarkston Emergency Center, Suite 120
Providing 24-hour state-of-the-art full service emergency care. Department is staffed with board-certified emergency room physicians and nurses.
248-625-CARE (2273)

Pine Knob Pharmacy, Suite 130
Knowledgeable pharmacists quickly fill your prescription on site and offer convenient online and telephone refills.
Fax: 248-384-5055

Oakland Eye Care, Suite 135
Offering complete eye exams, an optical shop, laser vision correction, cataract removal, glaucoma treatment and emergency eye care.
Fax: 248-922-9823

Clarkston Surgery Center, Suite 145
A 15,000 square-foot facility providing a broad range of outpatient surgical procedures.
Fax: 248-241-6625

2nd Floor

North Oakland Ear, Nose & Throat Centers P.C., Suite 200

Specialists in treating pediatric and adult patients with ear, nose and throat disorders including but not limited to sinus, allergy, snoring, thyroid, voice and hearing.
Fax: 248-620-3019

Cardiology & Vascular Associates, Suites 205 & 210
Offering the most advanced treatment for heart disease and vascular disease, including medications, lifestyle changes, and surgical and non-surgical options.
Fax: 248-922-1551

Advanced Allergy Flower Asthma, Suite 212
Devoted to providing comprehensive and up to date medical services for various allergic conditions.
Fax: 248-384-8312

Clarkston Dermatology, Suites 215 & 217
Complete medical skin care for adults, teens and children.

Michigan Kidney Consultants, PC, Suite 220
Board-certified in nephrology and internal medicine, this team offers the most advanced diagnostics and treatment available for chronic kidney disease and end-stage renal failure.
Fax: 248-620-4776

Associated Endocrinologists, PC, Suite 220
Specializing in the treatment of endocrinology diseases.
Fax: 248-855-5628

Michigan Institute of Urology, PC, Suite 250
Specialized knowledge and skill mean expert care for men's and women's urinary tract problems and the male reproductive system.
Fax: 248-620-6662

McLaren Breast Center, Suite 255
A state-of-the-art facility dedicated to providing comprehensive breast health services. We offer breast ultrasound, stereotactic and ultrasound-guided biopsies, Clarkston's only Breast Imaging Center of Excellence.

Rochester General Surgery, Suite 265
Highly trained specialists for your surgical needs.
Fax: 248-853-7258

McLaren Wound Center, Suite 280
The Clarkston area's only clinic specializing in compassionate, evidence-based healing treatments for patients with acute or chronic wounds resulting from injury, disease or surgery.

McLaren Bariatric Institute, Suite 280
Offers severely obese patients a comprehensive, multidisciplinary surgical weight loss program to help achieve significant weight loss and restore healthy lifestyles. Laparoscopic and traditional surgical options are available.

3rd Floor

Michigan Center for Orthopedic Surgery, Suite 300

Helping patients achieve active, pain-free lifestyles, we offer leading-edge surgical and non-surgical treatment for the most complete orthopedic care possible.
Fax: 248-620-2326

Neuro Pain Consultants, PC, Suite 305
Skilled care for acute and chronic pain results in relief and improved function for patients, allowing many to return to work and a more active lifestyle.

McLaren Physical Therapy, Suite 310
Providing comprehensive, individualized treatments to help patients decrease pain and improve function after injury or surgery. We offer the latest technology in exercise equipment. Separate Fitness Center memberships are available.


Clarkston Medical Group - Personalized Adult Medicine, MDVIP, Suite 315
Have complete peace of mind knowing that you are well cared for in a practice focused exlusively on your needs.

Fax: 248-625-2622


Newland Medical Associates, Suite 335
Offering comprehensive, Medical Oncology, Infectious Disease and Rheumatology care including IV infusion of chemotherapy, antibiotics and biologicals, genetic counseling, clincal trials, and laboratory services.
Fax: 248-625-2046

Women’s Excellence in Obstetrics & Gynecology, Suite 350
Complete and comprehensive care for women of all ages and in all stages of life.
Fax: 248-384-8025

McLaren Sleep Center, Suite 355
Providing state-of-the-art diagnostic testing with board-certified physicians and staff members to diagnose and treat the full spectrum of sleep disorders.

Pulmonary & Critical Care Medicine Consultants, PC, Suite 365
We deliver comprehensive care for patients with a wide variety of lung conditions, ranging from asthma and allergy to the most advanced lung disease.
Fax: 248-922-9286

Endoscopic Solutions, P.C., Suite 370
From colonoscopy screening to solutions for digestive disorders and abdominal pain, we offer comfortable, patient-focused care.

Oakland Psychiatric Associates, Suite 380
Specializing in a combination of treatments to help people live happier, more productive lives.
Fax: 248-241-6639